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A simple Vanilla JavaScript plugin that animates any message you want. No jQuery is needed. No pretentions, just for fun


Demo 1 | Demo 2 | Demo 3


• Download or fork the repository.

• Include the CSS & Javascript file minify or not in your HTML.

• Ensure you have a container within the DOM any element with the class by default "typethis" or the one you want to use, but remember to set it at the className option.

• Initialize your writer.

var typethis = new Typethis();

• Remember you can customize some features

var typethis = new Typethis({
        autoWriting: true,
        autoWritingDelay : 0,
        className : ".typethis",
        delay: 600,
        loop: false,
        speed : [200,600],
        words: ["The sentences", " you want", " to", "be shown"]


autoWriting Starts when the page is loaded or it is fired when an events occurs
autoWritingDelay If autoWriting property is false you could set a trigger to fire it or indicate a delay to start writing.
className The class of the element that the plugin searches within the DOM
delay The time in ms that the sentence is been displayed since it is completed until it is delete
loop Inifinite/Linear
speed Range of time in ms that detemines the speed of the writing
words Your content

Final thoughts

Please, take this Demo as it is, and feel free to download, modify, break, use or destroy this code.

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