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This repository is an Yii extension for adding the google plusone button to website pages.
It was created based on the facebook-opengraph which is a more complex extension (a wrapper for the Facebook
PHP SDK class) developed by Evan Johnson <thaddeusmt - A T -> and available at his github site on
//////////////////////////////// INSTALLATION ////////////////////////////
1. Create a folder named yii-google-plusone into YOUR_PROJECT/protected/extensions/
2. Copy both files GPluginBase.php and GPlusoneButton.php into it.
You are ready to go!
////////////////////////////////// USAGE /////////////////////////////////
Render Google Plusone Plugin using helper Yii widgets:
$this->widget('ext.yii-google-plusone.GPlusoneButton', array(
You can adapt the parameters to your needs (width, language, annotation and href).
Please log bugs to the GitHub tracker here.
Extension is also posted on Yii website:
I hope you can use this extension as it's a very simple way of including Goolge +1 to your site.