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Multiplayer online shooter game made using Node.js, Express,, and p5.js

Instructions to run app:

  1. Download the repo locally
  2. Navigate through terminal to the local folder
  3. Run "npm i" (assuming you have npm and nodejs already installed on your computer)
  4. Run "node app.js"
  5. Navigate to localhost:3000 on your browser

How To Play

  1. Use W,A,S,D or the arrow keys to move your player
  2. Point with mouse and left click in order to shoot a bullet
  3. Dodge other players bullets, while trying to shoot them with your bullets
  4. Recieve one point each time your bullet hits another player
  5. Don't collide with another player. Instant death!

by Alejandra Villanueva, Zafir Hasan, and Abhi

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