Plugin for Sublime Text editor for reindenting XML and JSON files
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SublimeText Indent plugin

What is the goal of Indent plugin? Short answer is converting this XML

<root><node attr="1" attr2="4"><node /></node></root>

to this:

    <node attr="1" attr2="4">

Looks good? It also can convert this JSON

{ "root": [ { "field": "val1", "field2": "val2" }, { "arr": [1, 3, "three"] }] }

to this

    "root": [
            "field": "val1",
            "field2": "val2"
            "arr": [

Want more? It can indent only selected text - including multiple selections and even mixed XML / JSON selections. It is smart enough to recognize XML or JSON even if you are editing plain text. Indent plugin won't mess up your keyboard shortcuts because it uses "chord" command Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F (this mean hold Ctrl, press K then press F, release Ctrl) and also available in "Selection" menu.

Supported Sublime Text versions

Indent plugin supports both Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3


Just use Package Control and search for "indent xml" plugin


Click on Tools->Command Pallette... (or Ctrl+shift+P if you're a keyboard person) and then chose "Indent XML"


Currently this plugin performs patching of xml.dom.minidom.CDataSection class in order to fix CDATA indenting in toprettyxml function. This can be disabled in indent_xml.Sublime-settings file by setting disable_patch_minidom to true.

Feedback & Support

Available on Github

Contribution always welcome! Same place - Github


This software is distributed under MIT license (see License.txt for details)