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Allowing & to appear in CDATA section #26

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Jon Friskics
Jon Friskics

Right now, if an XML String has an & in a CDATA section running Indent XML doesn't do anything.

After removing CDATASTART, I'm looking in the CDATA section for any & and converting it to & before removing CDATAEND.

Then, when CDATASTART is added back in, I revert the & to & before adding CDATAEND back in.

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@@ -88,12 +88,12 @@ def indent(self, s):
# convert to plain string without indents and spaces
s = re.compile(b'>\s+([^\s])', re.DOTALL).sub(b'>\g<1>', s)
# replace tags to convince minidom process cdata as text
- s = s.replace(b'<![CDATA[', b'%CDATAESTART%').replace(b']]>', b'%CDATAEEND%')
+ s = s.replace(b'<![CDATA[', b'%CDATAESTART%').replace(b'&', b'&amp;').replace(b']]>', b'%CDATAEEND%')
s = parseString(s).toprettyxml()
# remove line breaks
s = re.compile('>\n\s+([^<>\s].*?)\n\s+</', re.DOTALL).sub('>\g<1></', s)
# restore cdata
- s = s.replace('%CDATAESTART%', '<![CDATA[').replace('%CDATAEEND%', ']]>')
+ s = s.replace('%CDATAESTART%', '<![CDATA[').replace(b'&amp;', b'&').replace('%CDATAEEND%', ']]>')
# remove xml header
s = s.replace("<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?>", "").strip()
if xmlheader:
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