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A C library for the Nintendo SNES 20th birthday

PVSneslib V3.4.0 (19, June, 2021)

PVSnesLib is an open and free library to develop programs for the Nintendo SNES using the C programming language.

It contains a snes-sdk compiler / linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds / sprites / pads / music & sound on the Nintendo SNES system. It also contains examples which demonstrate how to use the functions in the library.


To install the library, please download the latest release and follow instructions on the Wiki pages.

You can also see the documentation generated from sources.


PVSnesLib works on Windows and Linux systems. Due to technical constraints, it is available for now on 32 bits system only.

To use it, you will need at least :

  • a unix-like environment like msys if you work on Windows
  • python 3 installed and available in your path environment variable (accessible with the python command)

If you want to compile the whole project, please see this wiki page to get all required dependencies.


GitHub project

To discuss about the library, your project or to request help, join us on Discord.

PVSneslib and affiliated tools are distributed under the MIT license (see pvsneslib_license.txt file).

If you want to donate to support PVSneslib development: Paypal

Thanks !