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Lager benchmarks

Build Status

Benchmarking is performed using bencharka. This project keeps only benchmark files and run scripts.

Benchmarking 'sync' vs. 'async' mode of lager:dispatch_log/8


Brief description

Comparing of the 'sync' vs. 'async 'version of lager:dispatch_log/8 shown that the 'sync' one is about 2 times slower (travis-ci shows 2 times, while local desktop shows 6.6 times) but 'async' one finished logging only 3.6% of the events till the end of the pure benchmarking process execution.


Now there is an app env named sync_dispatch_log that allows to choose the subject behaviour. Access to its value is cached into process dictionary but it seems that a compile-time switch should be provided too: it will remove the unnesassary checks for those who don't need the run-time sync/async change.

Results of the benchmark

Current benchmark session performs a 5-time repeat of each benchmark, which measures a 100000 iterations of the "load", see files in bench directory for details.

Benchmark was done by calling make with the result (saved from travis-ci run):

% Aggregated result is:

Resulting log files

To find the difference in log files completeness, run the benchmark with make and check log files sync-test.log and async-test.log in bench directory.