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Pattern Lab Edition for PHPTemplate

The Edition for PHPTemplate gives developers and designers a clean and stable base from which to develop a PHPTemplate-based pattern library.

Packaged Components

The Edition for PHPTemplate comes with the following components:


Pattern Lab uses Composer to manage project dependencies.

1. Install Composer

Please follow the directions for installing Composer on the Composer website. We recommend you install it globally.

2. Install the Edition for PHPTemplate

Use Composer's create-project command to install the Edition for PHPTemplate into a location of your choosing. In Terminal type:

cd install/location/
composer create-project aleksip/edition-php-tpl your-project-name && cd $_

This will install the Edition for PHPTemplate into a directory called your-project-name in install/location/. During the set-up process you will be asked to install an appropriate StarterKit. You will be automatically dropped into the project directory after the process is finished.

Updating Pattern Lab

To update Pattern Lab please refer to each component's GitHub repository. The components are listed at the top of the README.

Helpful Commands

These are some helpful commands you can use on the command line for working with Pattern Lab.

List all of the available commands

To list all available commands type:

php core/console --help

To list the options for a particular command type:

php core/console --help --[command]

Generate Pattern Lab

To generate the front-end for Pattern Lab type:

php core/console --generate

Watch for changes and re-generate Pattern Lab

To watch for changes and re-generate the front-end for Pattern Lab type:

php core/console --watch

Start a server to view Pattern Lab

You can use PHP's built-in web server to review your Pattern Lab project in a browser. In a seperate window type:

php core/console --server

Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Install a StarterKit

To install a near-empty StarterKit as a starting point for your project type:

php core/console --starterkit --init

To install a specific StarterKit from GitHub type:

php core/console --starterkit --install <starterkit-vendor/starterkit-name>