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  • Get all loaded files that come from Pathological directories (probably only in 1.9)

Design decisions

  • Should we allow for including other Pathfiles? Proposed syntaxes:

    include path/to/other/Pathfile
    import path/to/other/Pathfile   # Rakefile
    i path/to/other/Pathfile
    source path/to/other/Pathfile   # Bash
    . path/to/other/Pathfile        # Bash
    path/to/other/Pathfile          # Distinguishable from regular path if Pathfile is not a directory

    Not needed now --Caleb

  • Do we like > to signify directives? Alternatives:

    > exclude-root # Current syntax
    exclude-root  # Only problem is if you want to include a directory with the same name as a directive

    We could also prefix each type of line to make things unambiguous:

    p path/to/lib/
    d exclude-root

    Fine for now --Caleb

  • Right now there's a small problem with comments: if your path includes the character #, then the rest will be chopped off (interpreted as a comment). We could remedy this by only allowing for comments to start at the beginning of lines:

    # Yes
    ../lib/ # No

    Let's leave this alone for now; probably a non-issue --Caleb

  • Right our require paths tend to look like this (using shared_lib/ as an example):

    require "shared_lib/utils/foo_util"

    To support this, you would need your Pathfile to include the directory above shared_lib/. The downside of this is that it doesn't play well with the idea of using our Pathfiles to tell our deploy scripts what to include. We could potentially add a new construct to allow the user to specify which subdirectories they would be using. Example (just off the top of my head):

    path/to/repo/dir/{shared_lib, common, vendor}

    However, we'd still have to add path/to/repo/dir to the $LOAD_PATH, so the only way to enforce this at require time would be to use a custom require. This is all quite a high cost to pay in terms of design simplicity, but yet being able to use Pathfiles as a single place to document what dependencies to pull in seems very appealing. Any ideas?

    After chatting with some people, we're going to leave this as is and truncate the shared_lib from our paths. --Caleb

    Actually, I think I'm going to add an optional mode to add one directory above to the load path instead of the given path, in order to accomomdate this use case. --Caleb