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* `IOLoop.instance()` is now thread-safe.
* `tornado.options.options` now supports attribute assignment.
* The ``max_clients`` keyword argument to `AsyncHTTPClient.configure` now works.
+* The ``extra_params`` argument to `tornado.escape.linkify` may now be
+ a callable, to allow parameters to be chosen separately for each link.
+* `HTTPServer` now works correctly with paths starting with ``//``
+* Exception handling on Python 3 has been improved; previously some exceptions
+ such as `UnicodeDecodeError` would generate `TypeErrors`
+* `tornado.web.OutputTransform.transform_first_chunk` now takes and returns
+ a status code in addition to the headers and chunk. This is a
+ backwards-incompatible change to an interface that was never technically
+ private, but was not included in the documentation and does not appear
+ to have been used outside Tornado itself.
+* `tornado.web` will no longer produce responses with status code 304
+ that also have entity headers such as ``Content-Length``.

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