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to have been used outside Tornado itself.
* `tornado.web` will no longer produce responses with status code 304
that also have entity headers such as ``Content-Length``.
+* `StackContext` instances now have a deactivation callback that can be
+ used to prevent further propagation.
+* `tornado.gen` no longer leaks `StackContexts` when a ``@gen.engine`` wrapped
+ function is called repeatedly.
+* Extra data at the end of multipart form bodies is now ignored, which fixes
+ a compatibility problem with an iOS HTTP client library.
+* `IOStream.write` performs better when given very large strings.
+* `HTTPHeaders.copy` (inherited from `dict.copy`) now works correctly.
+* `HTTPConnection.address` is now always the socket address, even for non-IP
+ sockets. `HTTPRequest.remote_ip` is still always an IP-style address
+ (fake data is used for non-IP sockets)
+* `IOStream` now has an ``error`` attribute that can be used to determine
+ why a socket was closed.

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