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Update test to use new asynchronous error handling

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1 parent d29d366 commit d58ee7084976f99e895edfe7a02a71b1b2c70889 @alekstorm committed
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  1. +4 −3 tornado/test/
7 tornado/test/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
from tornado.netutil import bind_sockets
from tornado.process import fork_processes, task_id
from tornado.simple_httpclient import SimpleAsyncHTTPClient, TCPConnectionException
+from tornado.stack_context import ExceptionStackContext
from tornado.testing import LogTrapTestCase, get_unused_port
from tornado.web import RequestHandler, Application
@@ -85,11 +86,11 @@ def get_url(path):
client = HTTPClient(SimpleAsyncHTTPClient)
def fetch(url, fail_ok=False):
- try:
- return client.fetch(get_url(url))
- except TCPConnectionException:
+ def handle_exception(type, value, traceback):
if not fail_ok:
+ with ExceptionStackContext(handle_exception):
+ return client.fetch(get_url(url))
# Make two processes exit abnormally
fetch("/?exit=2", fail_ok=True)

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