Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. Enable percent-decoding of URI path before matching to RequestHandler…

    … regexes
    Specified through path_encoding Application setting
    HTTPClient now percent-encodes request URLs as UTF-8
    committed May 4, 2012
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'branch2.2'

    bdarnell committed Apr 24, 2012
  2. Cherry-pick cc8e893 into branch2.2

    Original commit message:
    Revert "Run the website in python2.7 mode"
    Can't use python2.7 mode without migrating to the "high-replication
    datastore", and even though we don't have any data "migration" is a
    This reverts commit e960e9b.
    bdarnell committed Jan 30, 2012
  3. Version number bump for 2.2.1

    bdarnell committed Apr 24, 2012
  4. Release notes for 2.2.1

    bdarnell committed Apr 24, 2012
  5. Cherry-pick b151a1e into branch2.2.

    Original commit message:
    Add a version check for the curses unicode hack so it won't break when
    python 3.2.3 or 3.3 are released.
    Closes #450.
    bdarnell committed Jan 31, 2012
  6. Pin twisted versions in the 2.2 branch to 11.1.0 since that release d…

    pass its tests with newer versions.
    bdarnell committed Apr 24, 2012
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
  1. Disable python 2.6 on travis-ci, since I don't have enough visibility

    to dig into the SSL segfault.
    bdarnell committed Apr 19, 2012
  2. The RequestHandler.flush callback should be run even if there is no d…

    Also IOStream._try_inline_read needs the same fake-callback change
    as _handle_read (I can't seem to come up with a good isolated test for this,
    but it's tickled by the empty-flush test).
    Closes #492.
    bdarnell committed Apr 19, 2012
  3. Merge pull request #495 from alekstorm/template_try_else

    Add `else` as possible sub-clause in `try` blocks in templates.
    bdarnell committed Apr 19, 2012
  4. Open template files in binary mode (to be decoded as utf8 later)

    Text mode in python 3 uses an environment-dependent encoding, so
    add a test and run it in both C and utf-8 locales.
    bdarnell committed Apr 19, 2012
Commits on Apr 17, 2012
Commits on Apr 1, 2012
  1. Make tornado.database importable when MySQLdb is not available.

    This fixes the docs build on
    Closes #485.
    bdarnell committed Apr 1, 2012
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. Release note updates

    bdarnell committed Mar 26, 2012
  2. Increase performance of IOStream.read_until and read_until_regex.

    _handle_read and _try_inline_read now only call _read_from_buffer
    once, after calling _read_to_buffer as many times as they can.  This
    allows the progressive _double_prefix calls in _read_from_buffer to
    work as efficiently as possible.
    In testing with a 4MB read, performance improved by a factor of 32 (8
    seconds to 0.25 seconds)
    bdarnell committed Mar 26, 2012
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
Commits on Mar 24, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #482 from wsantos/patch-2

    Don't try to send post_args in the url with FacebookGraphMixin
    bdarnell committed Mar 24, 2012
  2. Merge pull request #475 from andrew-d/master

    addslash / removeslash modification
    bdarnell committed Mar 24, 2012
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. Fix keys in wsgi request arguments being bytes in python3 when conten…

    …t-type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
    jsamuel committed Mar 19, 2012
Commits on Mar 15, 2012