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This is a simple web gallery that doesn't require a database.

The idea was to give photographers a quick and convenient way to publish a photo journal or a simple gallery, and what's more convenient than simply throwing your images in a folder? I was a hobbyist photographer for 5 years so it started from a personal need.

I never completed the project; left it in 2014. It needs responsive images (for displays with 200+ ppi), a decent default stylesheet (and a couple alternative ones), and a simple and easy way to create albums using txt files. vars.txt explains what each variable does.

In order to start using this script make a directory called images and place your photos there. The manage.php script will allow you to make thumbnails (if imagemagick is installed in the server), remove potentially sensitive metadata, and a number of other things. There is a passphrase (default is secret) to protect the script from casual abuse. You can also rename the script or remove it altogether. All configuration options are located in config.php. You can configure quite a few things, like the pagination.

I'm publishing this in the hopes that it'll be useful to someone, or that someone might fork this.

I ask for you leniency as I'm not actually a programmer. This is, mostly, a decent hack.

Released under GPL v3. See the LICENSE file.


A simple web gallery without a database




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