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Web audio resources

This is a list of curated resources related to the Web audio API. Browser support for the web audio API can be found here.

Learning and tutorials


  • Howler.js - Web audio library. Falls back to HTML5 Audio.
  • Tone.js - Framework for creating interactive music in the browser.
  • Wad - Library for manipulating audio with web audio.
  • Tuna - Audio effects library.
  • Blip - Lightweight web audio wrapper.
  • Pizzicato* - A library that aims to simplify the way you create and manipulate sounds with the Web Audio API.
  • Soundio - Soundio is a Graph Object Model for Web Audio processing graphs. It also provides a JSONify-able structure for exporting and importing them.
  • Theresa's sound world - Library for manipulating audio built on top of the web audio API.
  • Musical - A light library with a sequencing synthesizer that supports ABC notation.
  • virtual-audio-graph - Library for declaratively manipulating the Web Audio API.
  • gibber.lib.js - Library version of Gibber
  • XSound - Web Audio API Library for Synths, Visualization, Effects ... etc


  • Wavesurfer.js - Waveform audio visualization built on top of Web Audio API and HTML5 Canvas.
  • Peaks.js - JavaScript UI component created by the BBC for interacting with waveforms.
  • Party mode - An audio visualizer powered by d3.js and the web audio api.
  • Audiograph - A visualization of Pilotpriest'S 2016 album and one of the winners of the Dolby Web Challenge.
  • Web Audio Inspector - A debugging tool that visualizes the Web Audio API graph of a web page in real time.


  • Websynths - Web synthesizer by Mitch Wells.
  • JS Dynamic Audio Synth - A musical keyboard by Keith William Horwood.
  • 106.js - Emulation of the classic Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer.
  • Midi synth - Analog synthesizer simulation loosely based on the architecture of a Moog Prodigy synthesizer.
  • X Sound - Web Synthesizer by XSound.
  • Acid Machine 2 - similar to Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 (although doesn't claim to be a port)

Fun and interesting projects

  • Chrome music lab - Web Audio experiments aimed at making learning music more accessible to everyone.
  • Jam with Chrome - A collaborative live music web application.
  • Plink - Multiplayer music experience.
  • Modulator - An editable graphical node synth.
  • - A live-performance Web Audio tool which allows on-the-fly modification of audio.
  • Drums - A 16-step, 8-track, drum sequencer with per-step sample controls.
  • Recreating the ring modulator with web audio - An article on coding the device used to create the voices of the Daleks and the Cybermen in Dr. Who.
  • Drum machine - Drum machine with several different drumkits.
  • Pedalboard - Guitar pedal effects simulation.
  • Wave-PD1 - A themerin-like instrument for the browser.
  • Wavepot - A live digital signal processor (DSP) editor built with web audio.
  • Tonalhub* - Hear a web audio representation of the last year's commit activity of a given GitHub user and repository.
  • Tweet FM - An interesting multimedia experiment combining Tweeter feeds and web audio in real time.
  • Mod-synth - A visual synthesizer with several components and presets. It can also be used with a MIDI controller.
  • The Rick Astley Remix - Remix Rick Astley's most famous song into different styles.
  • Theremin - Another Theremin with delays, feedbacks and scuzz.
  • Key-and-pad - A Web Audio synthesizer with a XY Pad to control effects.
  • Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator - An app for creating arpeggios with different progressions and styles.
  • D3 synth - A D3 visualization that allows editing a sound loop.
  • Gibber - is an audiovisual live coding environment for the browser (github)
  • Winamp2-js - A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 using the Web Audio API. GitHub
  • Web audio modem - A project showing how to encode and decode data using the web audio API
  • Music mouse - A partial emulation by Tero Parviainen of Laurie Spiegel's "Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument".
  • AudioNodes - Modular audio production suite with multi-track audio mixing, audio effects, parameter automation, MIDI editing, synthesis, cloud production, and more (download, online version)
  • Psyren Audio / Visual Synthesizer - interactively generate psytrance squelches (github)

Other web audio lists and resources

*: Full disclosure: I am the author of these items.

The images used in the header of this file were created by Dale Humphries and Yorlmar Campos from the Noun Project.


🎹 A list of curated web audio resources




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