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digital signal processing tools
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dsplab package

Fields of application

  • Development of software for digital signal processing.
  • Investigation of variety of methods solving the same DSP task.
  • Development of the DSP routines that require a flexible configuration of different stages of calculations on the user level.

Features and characteristics

  • Some specific functions for analysis of signals.
  • Synthesis of test signals with different kinds of modulation: amplitude, frequency and phase.
  • Playing of signals (synthesized or archive) for the development of on-line procedures.
  • Organization of calculations, workflows:
    • User can define the plan of works and then set the worker for every work. The replacement of the worker does not destroy the workflow.
    • Different types of nodes are supported: Work, Map (Loop), Select and Pack.
    • Base classes for workers are defined. Every worker can return detailed description of itself by calling info() method.
    • Base class for on-line filters having add_sample() method and embedded queues for running window and smoothing of results is implemented.
  • Licence: LGPLv3
  • Programming language: Python 3.


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