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everl is an Erlang library for asynchronously generating socket notifications using libev. everl lets you watch file descriptors for events and sends your process a message whenever the socket state changes.


everl started out as a contribution to procket by Gregory Haskins ( but it was so awesome I decided to move it into its own repository. The original patch is here:

libev was written by Marc Alexander Lehmann and is available from:



create(FD, Flags) -> {ok, Handle} | {error, posix()}

    Types   FD = int()
            Flags = [Flag]
            Flag = read | write
            Handle = resource()

    Returns a handle for watching events on the file descriptor.

arm(Handle) -> ok

    Types   Handle = resource()

    Initiates notifications on the file descriptor. The watch handle
    must be re-armed after each notification is received.

    The process creating the handle will receive:

        {everl_watcher, FD, Event}


        FD is the file descriptor associated with the watch handle.

        Event is an integer:

            1 (READ): file descriptor is ready for reading
            2 (WRITE): file descriptor is ready for writing
            3 (RDWR): file descriptor is ready for reading and writing

disarm(Handle) -> ok

    Types   Handle = resource()

    Disable notifications for the file descriptor and close the
    watch handle.



make test


  • Documentation and examples

  • Support all of libev

  • API changes