Making ejabberd run on LING VM
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Making ejabberd run on LING VM

The log of changes follows:

  • rebar

A standard source of ejabberd from P1 ( does not work with rebar. There are a couple of "rebarized" versions. I took the one by treacheroustalks ( There is also a required companion application, stringprep ( Both added as rebar dependencies.

  • c_src

c_src directories of both ejabberd and stringprep are moved to __REMOVED directory. rebar builds everything cleanly.

  • standard deps

The following application dependencies found: sasl, crypto, public_key, ssl, mnesia. All this applications are imported to the image and start successfully.

  • stringprep

Yet another dependency is stringprep. The purpose of the application is not clear. It is rewritten not to use driver and spew arguments of all calls.

  • ejabberd_loglevel

application:start(ejabberd) fails because ejabberd_loglevel.erl uses a dynamic compilation (for efficiency?). Upon initialization ejabberd_loglevel:set(4) is called. The ejabberd_logger.erl module that corresponds to this level is generated and added to the source tree. The module is also added to

  • db_init

ejabberd_app:db_init restarts mnesia. Calling application:stop(mnesia) leads to a complete shutdown. The shutdown was due to a bug in process_info(_, group_leader). mnesia restarts cleanly now.

  • sha

Module sha loads a driver. sha.erl heavily edited to use standard crypto:* routines and not load the driver.

  • xml

A possibility to use --enable-nif removed in xml.erl. File xml.c removed.

  • drivers

The start sequence starts tls_drv and expat_erl drivers. The line is commented out. Another line that loads ASN1.0 driver commented out too because it produces a deprecated message (and is noop).

  • mnesia

Mnesia creates a subdirectory in the project directory. The project directory is not writable. A writable directory is mounted over 9p and designated as a database directory to Mnesia.

  • missing

ejabberd uses system\monitor() functions. Functions are stubbed and do nothing. When opening a listening socket it sets the send timeout. The TCP driver updated to support the option fully. mod_caps wants to know the number of logical processors. system_info(logical_processors) always returns 1.

  • starts

ejabberd now starts. The admin user is added and admin console is accessible at port 5280.

  • expat

A c2s listener is configured on c2s. An attempt to connect fails because expat driver is not present/known. xml_stream.erl reimplemented using xmerl as xmerl_sax_parser offers functionality almost identical to the expat driver.

  • tls

tls driver hit upon connection attempt. tls and starttls removed from the listener to enable unencrypted connection. After a couple of more bugs it is now possible to login to the server.

  • DONE