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Version 2.3.2 released 2012-07-27

  • Case insensitive match for "Connection: close" (#81)

Version 2.3.1 released 2012-03-31

  • Fix edoc warnings (#63)
  • Fix mochiweb_html handling of invalid charref sequences (unescaped &) (#69).
  • Add a manual garbage collection between requests to avoid worst case behavior on keep-alive sockets.
  • Fix dst cookie bug (#73)
  • Removed unnecessary template_dir option, see

Version 2.3.0 released 2011-10-14

  • Handle ssl_closed message in mochiweb_http (#59)
  • Added support for new MIME types (otf, eot, m4v, svg, svgz, ttc, ttf, vcf, webm, webp, woff) (#61)
  • Updated mochiweb_charref to support all HTML5 entities. Note that if you are using this module directly, the spec has changed to return [integer()] for some entities. (#64)

Version 2.2.1 released 2011-08-31

  • Removed mochiweb_skel module from the pre-rebar era

Version 2.2.0 released 2011-08-29

  • Added new mochiweb_http:start_link/1 and mochiweb_socket_server:start_link/1 APIs to explicitly start linked servers. Also added {link, false} option to the start/1 variants to explicitly start unlinked. This is in expectation that we will eventually change the default behavior of start/1 to be unlinked as you would expect it to. See for discussion.

Version 2.1.0 released 2011-08-29

  • Added new mochijson2:decode/2 with {format, struct | proplist | eep18} options for easy decoding to various proplist formats. Also added encoding support for eep18 style objects.