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(Google) Safe Browsing Erlang API
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sberla - (Google) Safe Browsing Erlang API

sberla is an open-source Erlang implementation of Google:
- Safe Browsing API v2
- Safe Browsing Lookup API

More specifically, sberla is an Erlang application providing an API
to Google Safe Browsing. The design was inspired by eCouch, an Erlang
API to CouchDB by Vitor Rodrigues, and, in turn, by Serge Aleynikov's
"Building a Non-blocking TCP server using OTP principles"


Named after the name of Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck in the A-Team
Italian edition, sberla is also the Italian for 'slap'.

Embedding sberla in your Erlang application is slapping online malware 
in the face. It really is!


The implementation of the Safe Browsing Lookup API is ready.
The Safe Browsing API v2 will be implemented in the upcoming release.


- Follows all the OTP design principles
- Can run stand-alone with its own supervision tree or be included inside an existing supervision tree
- Guarantees synchronism between calls and their responses
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