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Alephbeis Sans

About This Typeface

Alephbeis Sans is a Hebrew type family featuring simple, rational monolinear letterforms. Designed by Meir Sadan for the Alephbeis educational system, it was made to accompany the books, worksheets, interfaces and various materials used for teaching children how to read Hebrew. The shapes of the letters were originally based on traditional book typefaces, and then evolved and rationalized to give the typeface a softer, rounder look. The typeface has relatively wide, squareish proportions which lend a young atmosphere to it.

After work on this typeface has been completed, Alephbeis made the decision to Open Source this project to benefit the global community of Hebrew readers, especially those who are learning to read.


  • 10 Weights ranging from Hairline to Black
  • Full Hebrew vowel marks (nikkud)
  • Arrows!

About The Authors

Meir Sadan | Principal Design
Meir Sadan is a type designer, graphic designer and educator based in Tel Aviv. He specializes in creating and manipulating type by using creative coding techniques and some hackery. His knowledge of technology, theory of design and type history intersect to become his tools of the trade.

Alephbeis | Contributors
Alephbeis is an educational company that builds innovative, educational software and products. Alephbeis is led by Shmuel Barkin & Tova Rottenberg. Shmuel uses his combined knowledge of process, technology and design to build software applications. Tova is a veteran award-winning teacher with a Masters in Education. Yocheved Ismach contributes to Alephbeis projects as a Creative Director.

Using This Typeface

To use this font on your computer, download the font files in the ttf directory and double click on them to install, or copy them to your system fonts folder.

To build the fonts yourself from the source file, visit the sources folder and follow the instructions provided there.

Modifying This Typeface

You may use, download and modify the files in this repository under the terms permitted by the OFL license.


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