Common data model and data validator for investigative entity data
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Follow the Money

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This repository contains a pragmatic data model for the entities most commonly used in investigative reporting: people, companies, assets, payments, court cases, etc.

The purpose of this is not to model reality in an ideal data model, but rather to have a working data structure for researchers.

followthemoney also contains code used to validate and normalize many of the elements of data, and to map tabular data into the model.


We release a lot of version of followthemoney because even small changes to the code base require a pypi release to begin being used in aleph. To this end, here's the steps for making a release:

git pull --rebase
make test
bumpversion patch
git push --tags

This will create a new patch release and upload a distribution of it. If the changes are more significant, you can run bumpversion with the minor or major arguments.


When the schema is updated, please update the docs, ideally including the diagrams.

For the RDF namespace run make namespace.

Namespace URI is Docs are auto-hosted on github pages, and redirects are managed at