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Binary Python bindings for poppler utils for content extraction
Python Shell
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Build Status

Python binding for poppler.


Using pip: pip install pdflib

From source:

  • Clone poppler source code and compile it:
git clone --branch poppler-0.63.0 --depth 1 poppler_src
cd poppler_src/
  • Set POPPLER_SRC environment variable
export POPPLER_ROOT=/pdflib/poppler_src/
  • Install cython
pip install cython
  • Build extension
python build_ext --inplace


>>> from pdflib import Document
>>> doc = Document("path/to/file.pdf")

Getting metadata

>>> print(doc.metadata)
>>> print(doc.xmp_metadata)

Getting text content of each page

>>> for page in doc:
        print(' \n'.join(page.lines).strip())

Getting images from each page

>>> for page in doc:
        page.extract_images(path='images', prefix='img')


pdflib is available under GPL v3 (poppler is GPL).

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