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Alephium is the first operational sharded L1 blockchain scaling and enhancing PoW & UTXO concepts. Decentralization, self-sovereignty, and security meet high-performance, accessibility, and energy efficiency in a dev-friendly network optimized for DeFi & smart contract applications.

To learn more about Alephium, visit

Contributing to the ecosystem

Alephium has an early but growing ecosystem that welcomes all kinds of contributions.

  • The main repositories are pinned below.
  • If you're building a dApp, start with the quick guide.
  • Add your project to the Awesome Alephium repo!
  • Join the Discord and ask the devs and a thriving community of Alephians for help.

To support the development and growth of the Alephium Ecosystem, there is a dedicated grant and reward program.

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  1. alephium alephium Public

    Reference client for Alephium protocol

    Scala 142 58

  2. alephium-frontend alephium-frontend Public

    A monorepo containing all things frontend on Alephium.

    TypeScript 11 9

  3. explorer-backend explorer-backend Public

    The explorer backend for Alephium protocol

    Scala 7 15

  4. alephium-web3 alephium-web3 Public

    A JS/TS library for building dapps on Alephium

    TypeScript 9 14

  5. extension-wallet extension-wallet Public

    Alephium browser extension wallet

    TypeScript 6 8

  6. docs docs Public

    Everything about Alephium

    JavaScript 9 43


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