InfluxDB Plugin

Write alert values to InfluxDB as time-series data.

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Clone the GitHub repo and run:

$ python install

Or, to install remotely from GitHub run:

$ pip install git+

Note: If Alerta is installed in a python virtual environment then plugins need to be installed into the same environment for Alerta to dynamically discover them.


Add influxdb to the list of enabled PLUGINS in alertad.conf server configuration file and set plugin-specific variables either in the server configuration file or as environment variables.

PLUGINS = ['influxdb']

Default Configuration

INFLUXDB_DSN = 'influxdb://user:pass@localhost:8086/alerta'


Define a different DSN with valid username/password:

INFLUXDB_DSN = 'influxdb://alerta:p8ssw0rd@localhost:8086/alerta'

Only override the database name:

INFLUXDB_DATABASE = 'monitoring'

Query Example

Find diskUtil values for all "Web" services:

$ influx -precision rfc3339
Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.2.2
InfluxDB shell version: 1.2.2
> use alerta
Using database alerta
> select * from event where service =~ /Frontend/;
name: event
time                     environment event    resource    service      severity value
----                     ----------- -----    --------    -------      -------- -----
2017-05-19T21:13:41.494Z Production  diskUtil host01:/tmp Web,Frontend major    98.01
2017-05-19T21:14:31.92Z  Production  diskUtil host02:/var Web,Frontend minor    79.54


Restart Alerta API and confirm that the plugin has been loaded and enabled.



Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Nick Satterly and AUTHORS. Available under the MIT License.