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Telegram Plugin

Send alerts to Telegram Bot.

Telegram Message

For help, join Gitter chat


Clone the GitHub repo and run:

$ python setup.py install

Or, to install remotely from GitHub run:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/alerta/alerta-contrib.git#subdirectory=plugins/telegram

Note: If Alerta is installed in a python virtual environment then plugins need to be installed into the same environment for Alerta to dynamically discover them.


Add telegram to the list of enabled PLUGINS in alertad.conf server configuration file and set plugin-specific variables either in the server configuration file or as environment variables.

PLUGINS = ['telegram']
TELEGRAM_TOKEN = ''  # default="not set"
TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID = ''  # default="not set"
TELEGRAM_TEMPLATE = '' # default will use hardcoded one
TELEGRAM_PROXY = '' # default="not set", URL must start from http://, socks5 not supported
TELEGRAM_PROXY_USERNAME = '' # default="not set"
TELEGRAM_PROXY_PASSWORD = '' # default="not set"

Create a new Telegram Bot using a Telegram client.

See https://core.telegram.org/bots#creating-a-new-bot

To ack, close or blackout an alert from the Telegram client set the webhook URL to your Alerta API Telegram endpoint (must be HTTPS):

TELEGRAM_WEBHOOK_URL = 'https://alerta.example.com/webhooks/telegram'
BLACKOUT_DURATION = 86400   # default=3600 ie. 1 hour


There can be defined template to send data to telegram it have to be defined in TELEGRAM_TEMPLATE. Template have to be writen in Jinja2 Alert data will be passed to it as context. So you can modify tg message as you wish. Example can be found in Explorer


Restart Alerta API and confirm that the plugin has been loaded and enabled.

Set DEBUG=True in the alertad.conf configuration file and look for log entries similar to below:

DEBUG in __init__ [/Users/nsatterl/.virtualenvs/telegram/lib/python2.7/site-packages/alerta/plugins/__init__.py:46]:
Server plug-in 'telegram' found.
DEBUG in alerta_telegram [build/bdist.macosx-10.12-x86_64/egg/alerta_telegram.py:21]:
Telegram: {u'username': u'alertaio_bot', u'first_name': u'alerta-bot', u'id': 264434259}
INFO in __init__ [/Users/nsatterl/.virtualenvs/telegram/lib/python2.7/site-packages/alerta/plugins/__init__.py:53]:
Server plug-in 'telegram' enabled.



Copyright (c) 2016 Nick Satterly. Available under the MIT License.