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import logging
from alerta.exceptions import BlackoutPeriod
from alerta.plugins import PluginBase, app
LOG = logging.getLogger('alerta.plugins.blackout')
class BlackoutHandler(PluginBase):
Default suppression blackout handler will drop alerts that match a blackout
period and will return a 202 Accept HTTP status code.
If "NOTIFICATION_BLACKOUT" is set to ``True`` then the alert is processed
but alert status is set to "blackout" and the alert will not be passed to
any plugins for further notification.
def pre_receive(self, alert):
if alert.is_blackout():
if app.config.get('NOTIFICATION_BLACKOUT', True):
LOG.debug('Set status to "blackout" during blackout period (id=%s)' %
alert.status = 'blackout'
LOG.debug('Suppressed alert during blackout period (id=%s)' %
raise BlackoutPeriod('Suppressed alert during blackout period')
return alert
def post_receive(self, alert):
def status_change(self, alert, status, text):