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import logging
import re
from alerta.exceptions import RejectException
from alerta.plugins import PluginBase
from alerta.plugins import app # alerta >= 5.0
except ImportError:
from import app # type: ignore # alerta < 5.0
LOG = logging.getLogger('alerta.plugins.reject')
ORIGIN_BLACKLIST_REGEX = [re.compile(x) for x in app.config['ORIGIN_BLACKLIST']]
ALLOWED_ENVIRONMENT_REGEX = [re.compile(x) for x in app.config['ALLOWED_ENVIRONMENTS']]
class RejectPolicy(PluginBase):
def pre_receive(self, alert):
if any(regex.match(alert.origin) for regex in ORIGIN_BLACKLIST_REGEX):
LOG.warning("[POLICY] Alert origin '%s' has been blacklisted", alert.origin)
raise RejectException("[POLICY] Alert origin '%s' has been blacklisted" % alert.origin)
if not any(regex.match(alert.environment) for regex in ALLOWED_ENVIRONMENT_REGEX):
LOG.warning('[POLICY] Alert environment does not match one of %s', ', '.join(ALLOWED_ENVIRONMENTS))
raise RejectException('[POLICY] Alert environment does not match one of %s' %
if not alert.service:
LOG.warning('[POLICY] Alert must define a service')
raise RejectException('[POLICY] Alert must define a service')
return alert
def post_receive(self, alert):
def status_change(self, alert, status, text):