Release 5 FAQ

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What's new?

  • Support for PostgreSQL (including Amazon RDS and Google Cloud SQL)
  • API responses are Gzipped to make everything faster
  • Development command line has changed from alertad to alertad run
  • Major code refactor with flatter structure (beware imports! see next)
  • WSGI import has changed from from import app to simply from alerta import app
  • Plugins import has changed from from import app to from alerta.plugins import app
  • Blackout is now a plugin so it can be disabled and replaced with a custom blackout handler
  • Switched to using wheels for distribution via PyPI See
  • Alerta API now supports multiple roles for BasicAuth (though not supported in the web UI yet)
  • Alert format: value is now always cast to a string.
  • Added /management/housekeeping URL to replace housekeepingAlerts.js cron job script
  • DATABASE_URL connection URI setting replaces every other MongoDB setting with a non-mongo specific variable

What's not?

  • Alerta API should be compliant with version 4 (though some bug fixes in v5 mean it's not perfect)
  • Alerta web UI and alerta CLI should work with both Alerta server v4 and v5

What's Still To Do?

  • update documentation
  • fix example code
  • some complex URL queries for Postgres are incomplete
  • complete regression testing eg. lots of vagrant boxes
  • "official" docker image does not support Postgres, yet


Q. Why?

A. People have been asking for PostgreSQL support for a long time.

Q. What's next?

A. Don't know... websockets?

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