Workout calculator for Starting Strength. Uses MVC and Local Storage.
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Calculates warm-up weights and sets for Starting Strength. Uses Local Storage to store past workout weights for next time.


  • suggest weights combination


2016-01-10 Added pounds/kilogram switch 2015-11-27 Created iOS version with Cordova 2015-09-13 Added sidebar sliders that display help info, stored date 2015-07-08 separated out js css html files, created 2015-06-11 stored value bugfix, status bar changes 2015-06-09 fixed inc button from 0 2015-05-27 properly encode and retrieve dates in localStorage 2015-05-26 display previous weight on weight entry screen 2015-05-24 next time weight input view flow) 2015-05-23 de-lint :), started in on next-time weight view 2015-05-22 next exercise inc by +10 or less to round up, fixes 2015-05-21 smart +/- buttons on weight input screen 2015-05-20 store/retrive past workouts, get value for each exercise, pre-populate field 2015-05-16 finally figure out workout storage object, display results after workout 2015-05-12 fix view nesting, show stored values at end 2015-05-11 iphone refinements, stack exchange submit 2015-05-10 responsive design 2015-05-09 improved MVC flow and functions, step through three exercises 2015-05-08 css styling, minimum weight, testing mode to skip first screen 2015-05-07 css styling, weight input 2015-05-06 display sets 2015-05-05 more logic 2015-05-04 event handling for workout selection 2015-05-03 calculate sets and weights 2015-05-02 started -- basic HTML and CSS