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All tests are in the "test-src" folder, organised by categories:
- Misc
- Structure (classes, methods)
- Statements (statements, expressions)
Every test class should extend CompilerTest, which defines two useful
- compareWithJavaSource(String testName) which compiles Ceylon into its intermediate
Java representation and compares it to expected Java source.
- compileAndRun(String ceylonSource, String mainMethod) which compiles Ceylon and runs
the given ceylon main method.
Some tests currently fail, which means you can start by fixing the compiler to support
those tests. Lots of tests are missing, and you can add them, just make sure you write
a minimal test case that does not depend on more than the one feature you are testing.
This can be tricky, but it helps because if you have to implement X features to make
a test run you will likely get lost in the process.
When you have written a short Ceylon source, add the test call to the proper JUnit test
class (ex: StructureTest), run the test and see in the console what the current output
from the compiler (the Java intermediate output) is, and see if this looks correct. If
it needs correcting, correct it and save it as reference source.