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Weld's Examples

Weld currently comes with a number of examples:

  • jsf/numberguess (a simple war example for JSF)
  • jsf/login (a simple war example for JSF)
  • jsf/translator (a simple EJB example for JSF)
  • jsf/pastecode (a more complex EJB example for JSF)
  • jsf/permalink (a more complex war example for JSF)
  • se/numberguess (the numberguess example for Java SE using Swing)
  • se/helloworld (a simple example for Java SE)

Before running the examples, you'll need to ensure your server supports CDI (JBoss AS 6 and GlassFish v3 both have built in support, and Weld provides support for Tomcat, Jetty and Google App Engine). Weld also supports Java SE.

The examples and Weld are explained in detail in the reference guide, including how to deploy the examples to JBoss 6.0.x, and how to deploy the examples to Tomcat. Most examples also have a README which explains how to run the example on all servers it supports.

Running the functional tests for the JSF examples

Weld's JSF examples come with "functional tests", which use Selenium to each flow a user can take through the GUI of the example.

The functional tests can be run on an individual JSF examples or on all examples. JBoss AS 7 must to be installed to run the functional tests.

Make sure you have set the JBOSS_HOME environment property to point to your JBoss AS 7 distribution.

To run the functional tests:

mvn -Darquillian=jbossas-managed-7 -Pjboss6 clean verify

You can run the functional tests against all examples (from the examples directory`) or against an individual example (from it's sub-directory).

The jsf/numberguess example can be also tested in a cluster. Follow these steps for a default configuration:

  1. Create two JBoss AS 7 distributions, so you have, e.g.



  2. Configure each of the installations standalone/configuration/standalone/standalone-ha.xml files

    Edit the element to bind each instance to a different loopback IP address, e.g.

     <loopback-address value=""/>


     <loopback-address value=""/>
  3. Run the test suite, modify the node{1,2}.jbossHome properties to match your configuration

     mvn clean verify -Pjboss6cluster -Darquillian=jbossas-cluster-7 -Dnode1.jbossHome=/home/foo/testing/node1/jboss-as-7.1.0.Final/ -Dnode2.jbossHome=/home/foo/testing/node2/jboss-as-7.1.0.Final/

    If you have set up a different addresses in the previous step, you also need to add the following system properties:

     -Dnode1.contextPath= -Dnode2.contextPath=

The jsf/numberguess and jsf/permalink examples can be also tested with Tomcat and Jetty embedded containers. The following command will execute functional tests with embedded Tomcat container:

mvn -Ptomcat -Darquillian=tomcat-embedded-6 clean verify 

The following command will execute functional tests with embedded Jetty container:

mvn -Pjetty -Darquillian=jetty-embedded-6.1 clean verify