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Commits on Nov 6, 2012
  1. @maasvdberg @bstansberry
  2. @maasvdberg @bstansberry
  3. @maasvdberg @bstansberry
  4. @maasvdberg @bstansberry
  5. @OndraZizka @bstansberry
  6. @chengfang @bstansberry

    AS7-5872 context list result has Object as the type for TimerService …

    chengfang authored bstansberry committed
    …and BeanManager
  7. @jamezp @bstansberry

    [AS7-5525] Convert filters to use a string based expression rather th…

    jamezp authored bstansberry committed
    …an a complex object
Commits on Nov 5, 2012
  1. @jmesnil @kabir

    [AS7-5850] AS7 resources for HornetQ API-create core queues

    jmesnil authored kabir committed
    * add runtime-queue resource to be able to manage *any*
      core queues created by HornetQ (not only those in AS7 configuration,
      but also ones underneath JMS resources and ones created with HornetQ
    * provides QueueDefinition with an equivalent runtime read-only
      definition used by the runtime-queue resouce
    * for backwards compatibility, when reading attribute or invoking
      queue-specific operations on a queue resource that does not exist (ie
      not created with AS7 API), forward the operation to the corresponding
Commits on Nov 1, 2012
  1. @aloubyansky @stuartwdouglas
  2. @maasvdberg @stuartwdouglas

    AS7-5770 EJB2 entity bean creation exceptions are wrapped with Invoca…

    maasvdberg authored stuartwdouglas committed
  3. @stuartwdouglas
  4. @stuartwdouglas
  5. @stuartwdouglas

    AS7-5861 Problems with ObjectFactoryWithEnvironmentBindingTestCase ca…

    stuartwdouglas authored
    …n cause failures in later tests
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
  1. @aloubyansky @bstansberry

    cli: fixes in parsing complex parameter/argument values written in th…

    aloubyansky authored bstansberry committed
    …e simplified dmr format
  2. @rhusar @bstansberry

    minor spelling fix

    rhusar authored bstansberry committed
  3. @rhusar @bstansberry

    AS7-5254 Upgrade Infinispan to 5.2.0.Beta3

    rhusar authored bstansberry committed
  4. @Ladicek @bstansberry

    Fixed the fix for AS7-4426

    Ladicek authored bstansberry committed
    The dependency on org.infinispan.client.hotrod module was misspelled in the original fix
  5. @maasvdberg @bstansberry

    AS7-5631 add-user script confusing error

    maasvdberg authored bstansberry committed
    - error message corrected + spelling
  6. @tdiesler @jaikiran

    [JBOSGI-612] Race condition may prevent Framework startup

    tdiesler authored jaikiran committed
  7. @rhusar @jaikiran
  8. @rhusar @jaikiran

    AS7-3739 Add local-only web cache container to enable session persist…

    rhusar authored jaikiran committed
    …ence in non-HA environments
  9. @pgier @jaikiran

    [AS7-5852] Fix jconsole.bat and vault.bat scripts for windows directo…

    pgier authored jaikiran committed
    …ries with spaces
  10. @bosschaert @jaikiran
  11. @jaikiran

    AS7-5851 Resource adapter deployments should have an explicit depende…

    Stefano Maestri authored jaikiran committed
    …ncy on their BootstrapContext
  12. @jaikiran

    EJBCLIENT-34 Change the ejb-jar.xml in the testcase to use system pro…

    jaikiran authored
    …perty for pointing to the "other" server
  13. @jaikiran

    EJBCLIENT-34 Introduce support for creating EJB client contexts by pa…

    jaikiran authored
    …ssing properties during JNDI context creation
  14. @jaikiran
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
  1. @ctomc

    cleanup wip

    ctomc authored
  2. @ctomc
  3. @kabir

    A bit of cleanup

    kabir authored
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
  1. @rachmatowicz
  2. @rachmatowicz
  3. @rachmatowicz
  4. @rachmatowicz
  5. @rachmatowicz
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