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Ethernet over IPv4 tunneling driver for Linux:

This is the current release of the Ethernet over IPv4 tunneling driver
(etherip) for Linux. This driver could be used together with the
bridging code in Linux to build distributed layer 2 Ethernet networks.
It uses the EtherIP Protocol defined in RFC 3378.

The driver compiles on kernel versions s 2.6.16 and up (tested up to 2.6.21).
It does not compile against 2.6.15. To compile the module just type 'make'. You
will get a module called etherip.ko which you can load with insmod into your
running kernel and an ethiptunnel binary. The last one is the userspace setup
tool for your EtherIP tunnels. Invoke this program with the -h option to get a
list of command line arguments or have a look into (a script I used
for testing) for an example usage.

Send bug reports and patches to <>