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Automatically install SAMPLES in InterSystems' IRIS Data Platform
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Automatically install SAMPLES in IRIS Data Platform


In InterSystems' IRIS Data Platform the samples in the SAMPLES namespace are not available out of the box, but they are freely available on github: intersystems/Samples-BI.
This routine automates the whole installation process. It will install the namespace, database, webapp, and a temporary "Temp" SSLConfigs. The intersystems/Samples-BI repository will be downloaded as zip file to the /mgr/ directory of the installation. This routine will try to automatically extract the zip file (see the instructions below). The installation routine from intersystems/Samples-BI will install the samples. Finally, this routine will remove zip file, extracted directory, and the "Temp" SSLConfigs.


  • An installation of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, though Caché will work too;
  • An appropriate licence to run BI, see intersystems/Samples-BI
  • The %SYS namespace must be writable;
  • The user running the routinne should have privileges for the operations.


Clone this repository or manually download and extract the zip file.
Import InstallSamplesBI.mac from Atelier, Studio, or from terminal as follows:

Set path="/home/amarin/Install-Samples-BI/"  //Set your path
W $system.OBJ.Load(path_"InstallSamplesBI.mac","cf")

Launch the routine from terminal:

Do ^InstallSamplesBI(<namespace>,<command to unzip>)

The argument for the InstallSamplesBI routine are optional. The default namespace is "SAMPLES" and command to unzip is the command in your OS to unzip a zip file. The routine will try using "jar.exe xf" or "unzip -o" in Windows/Unix. If that does not work a prompt will instruct the user to unzip the repository file


This routine is not officially supported by InterSystems Co. I suggest using this routine only in test environments.

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