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cover Tissue - Blender's add-on for computational design by Co-de-iT

Tissue is already shipped with both Blender 2.79b and Blender 2.80. However both versions can be updated manually, for more updated features and more stability.

Blender 2.83.1

Tissue v0.3.44 for Blender 2.83.1 (latest stable release):

Development branch (usually the most updated version):

Blender 2.79 (unsupported)

Tissue v0.3.4 for Blender 2.79b (latest stable release):

Development branch (most updated version):


  1. Start Blender. Go to "Edit" and then "Preferences"
  2. Open the "Add-ons" preferences
  3. Click "install..." and point Blender at the downloaded zip file (on OSX it may have extracted the zip automatically, that won't work, so you have to zip the extracted folder again)
  4. You may see now two different versions of Tissue, activate only the second one and ignore the first one


Tissue documentation for Blender 2.80:


Please help me keeping Tissue stable and updated, report any issues or feedback here:


Tissue is free and open-source. I really think that this is the power of Blender and I wanted to give my small contribution to it.

If you like my work and you want to help me, please consider to support me on Patreon, where I share some tips about Blender, Tissue and scripting:


A special thanks to all my patrons, in particular to my Tissue Supporters: TomaLaboratory, Scott Shorter, Garrett Post and Lucia Krux.

Many thanks,


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