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local http = require "http"
local nmap = require "nmap"
local shortport = require "shortport"
local stdnse = require "stdnse"
local string = require "string"
description = [[
Finds web servers that matches a certain LUA regular expression in the default page's title OR in the hostname retrieved by reverse DNS, if the relative option is provided.
If is not provided, the script will follow up to 5 HTTP redirects, using the default rules in the
http library.
HTTPS is transparently supported.
Based on Diman Todorov's http-title script (all thanks to him)
example: sudo nmap -p 80,443 --min-hostgroup 4096 --min-parallelism 1024 --script=./http-title-matcher --script-args 'http-title-matcher.match=hello world,' -oX my_scan_dump.xml
-p 80,443 : scan ports 80 and 443 (default for HTTP and HTTPS) : scan subnet
--min-hostgroup 4096 --min-parallelism 1024 : maximize parallel execution (set lower values or omit for more reliability)
--script=./http-title-matcher : load http-tite-matcher script from the current folder
--script-args 'http-title-matcher.match=hello world,' : match any website that contains "hello world" in the title, case insensitive
-oX my_scan_dump.xml : save results in an handy xml file
--@args http-title-matcher.match LUA Regular expression to match in the HTTP server title (OR DNS reversed hostname, if http-title-matcher.check-hostname is provided). Case INSENSITIVE. Default: match anything
-- Makes the match case-insensitive.
-- http-title-matcher.url The url to fetch. Default: /
-- Add if the script shouldn't follow redirects.
-- http-title-matcher.check-hostname Check the hostname retrieved by reverse DNS in addition to the title for matches.
-- Nmap scan report for (
-- 80/tcp open http
-- |_http-title-matcher: Go ahead and ScanMe!
-- @xmloutput
-- <elem key="title">Go ahead and ScanMe!</elem>
-- @xmloutput
-- <elem key="title">Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</elem>
-- <elem key="redirect_url"></elem>
author = "Alessandro Di Diego"
license = "Same as Nmap--See"
categories = {"default", "discovery", "safe"}
portrule = shortport.http
action = function(host, port)
local resp, redirect_url, title, match, caseinsensitive, url, noredirects, checkhostname
match = stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME..".match")
caseinsensitive = stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME..".case-insensitive")
url = stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME..".url")
noredirects = stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME..".no-redirect")
checkhostname = stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME..".check-hostname")
resp = http.get( host, port, url or "/" )
if not noredirects then
-- check for a redirect
if resp.location then
redirect_url = resp.location[#resp.location]
if resp.status and tostring( resp.status ):match( "30%d" ) then
print(("Did not follow redirect to %s"):format( redirect_url ))
if ( not(resp.body) ) then
-- try and match title tags
title = string.match(resp.body, "<[Tt][Ii][Tt][Ll][Ee][^>]*>([^<]*)</[Tt][Ii][Tt][Ll][Ee]>")
local newtitle = title
local newhostname =
if(match ~= nil and caseinsensitive) then
match = string.lower(match)
if(title ~= nil and caseinsensitive) then
newtitle = string.lower(title)
if( ~= nil and caseinsensitive) then
newhostname = string.lower(
if match == nil or match == '' or (newtitle ~= nil and string.match(newtitle, match)) or (checkhostname and newhostname ~= nil and string.match(newhostname, match)) then
print('\27[31m**********MATCH FOUND: ' .. host.ip .. '**********\27[0m')
local display_title = title
if display_title and display_title ~= "" then
display_title = string.gsub(display_title , "[\n\r\t]", "")
if #display_title > 65 then
display_title = string.sub(display_title, 1, 62) .. "..."
display_title = "Site doesn't have a title"
if ( resp.header and resp.header["content-type"] ) then
display_title = display_title .. (" (%s)."):format( resp.header["content-type"] )
display_title = display_title .. "."
local output_tab = stdnse.output_table()
output_tab.title = title
output_tab.redirect_url = redirect_url
local output_str = display_title
if redirect_url then
output_str = output_str .. "\n" .. ("Requested resource was %s"):format( redirect_url )
return output_tab, output_str
return nil
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