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BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP.



  • Fixed Color Curve not working if exported using GIMP 2.10 (issue #225)
  • Fixed Windows uninstaller not working in both normal and silent mode (issues #258 #240 #196)


  • Added support to OpenEXR images


  • Added Dutch translation (thanks to Just Vecht & Paul Matthijsse from Dutch Helpmij Magazine)
  • Fixed zh-CN locale (thanks to @KrasnayaPloshchad)


  • Added support to WEBP (issue #184)
  • Enabled HEIF in "Change Format and Compression" (issue #185)
  • Saving back to HEIF with default values caused "zero quality" image
  • Fixed TIFF parameter setup in "Change Format and Compression"
  • Removed PCRE dependency in favor of GLib (issue #189)


  • Improved GUI flexibility and high DPI support (thanks to @scribblemaniac)
  • Added Serbian language (thanks to @nstVanja)
  • Fixed spurious tick char generation in makefile (thanks to @ciampix)
  • Fixed black images after Color Curve

2.0 (aka "hey what's up?")

  • BIMP codebase has been updated to be natively compatible with GIMP 2.10, while it does not work anymore with GIMP <= 2.8.
  • Added support to HEIF, XPM and JPEG2000 images (#182, #141, #138)
  • Use GResources instead of Pixdata
  • Many compiler warnings fixed
  • Enhanced Win32 make procedure (needs MSYS2)


  • Windows installer updated to better handle errors (#131)
  • ICO and TGA added as image input (#126, #127)
  • Added Norwegian translation (thanks to Kolbjørn Stuestøl)
  • Updated Spanish (thanks to Damián Blanco) and Russian (thanks to @Skif-off) languages


  • Fixed an error when parsing "Other GIMP procedure" parameters that contain only a "=" sign (like Despeckle plugin) (thanks Daniel B Shak)
  • Disable "undo" during processing for better performances (issue #109)
  • Fixed error when using "Fill with Padding" on an indexed image (issue #98)
  • Korean translation (thanks to Jun Park) and Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to @andy0130tw)

1.16 (aka "I'm expecting 100.000 donations for this")

  • Changed layout and added "Fill with padding" option in Resize manipulation (issue #62, #85)
  • Changed layout and added "Adaptive size" (issue #90) and "Distance to edge" options in Watermark manipulation
  • Remember last selected folder in file chooser (issue #96)
  • Small performance improvements when using Resize
  • Removed title from manipulation windows (redundant with system's GUI)
  • Updated Win32 installer with optimization for silent mode and other checks
  • Added Catalan translation (thanks to Xavier Beà) and Chinese translation (thanks to kissbug8720)


  • BIMP finally has an official installer for Windows!
  • Faster startup
  • Added Japanese translation


  • Added start position chooser for Crop (issue #81, thanks to @thief425)
  • Added support to ITEM datatype in "Other GIMP procedure" (issue #74)
  • JPEG conversion always set the image to RGB (issue #88)
  • Alpha channel is no more added by default during process
  • Fixed error when importing an opened GIMP image that was not yet saved on file system
  • Updated German translation (thanks to Christian Kühnemund)


  • Fixed calling errors for procedure 'gimp-image-convert-indexed'
  • Color correction not correctly readed from file
  • Spanish translation (thanks to Damián Blanco)
  • Updated French translation


  • New layout for add/remove files buttons
  • "Add all opened images" feature (#57)
  • "Keep modification dates" option (#70)
  • GIF images was not saved when using "Color Correction"
  • Updated Italian, Polish and Czech translations
  • Little code and memory optimizations


  • Added Czech translation (thanks to Stanislav Vágner)
  • JPEG DCT settings was wrong (issue #64)
  • Resize interpolation was not saved during "Save set" process (issue #63)


  • Changed the behaviour of the new "current source folder as output destination" button. Now it takes the location of the current selected file as the output folder.


  • Added watermark alignment buttons for top-center, center-left, center-right, bottom-center (thanks to @Walt9Z)
  • It's now possible to resize both dimension but keeping the aspect ratio. In this case, the pixel width/height are treated as maximum sizes for the resulting image. (issue #25) (thanks to @Walt9Z)
  • Resize and Crop manipulations are now treated as "normal priority" steps. Previously they started first, now they follow the original order given by the user in the GUI (issue #53)
  • It's now possible to select the current source folder as the output destination (only if every input file is located in it).
  • Added "tall" smartphone screen Crop preset (for devices like iPhone 5+)
  • JPEG subsampling settings was wrong (issue #52)
  • Updated Italian translation


  • Unrecognized capital file extensions on Unix


  • Replaced buggy GtkFileChooserButton with GtkButton to select output folder (should be the end of the nightmare) (issue #42 and #43)
  • Changed overwrite confirmation and moved image modifications after overwriting check (thanks to Thomas Mevel @mevtho) (issue #50)
  • Updated Italian translation


  • Curve parser can't load some kinds of GIMP Curve file (issue #46)


  • Added external Curve file chooser in Color manipulation (issue #46)
  • Preview GUI didn't display Resize, Crop and Watermark manipulation results
  • Manipulation windows have now better size (should fix issue #24)


  • Fixed a bug that displayed (none) in output folder button and caused BIMP to crash
  • Fixed a compilation error under Unix
  • Some little optimizations in batch process


  • Changed the way the FileChooser lets you pick image files and folders (should solve issues #23 and #35)
  • Enabled multiple selection in the input files panel
  • NOTE for Mac OSX users: There's no need to install or compile BIMP on Mac anymore, see the README


  • BIMP can now accept SVG images as input
  • Updated French, Italian and Portuguese translations


  • Possibility to retrieve images from the whole hierarchy when opening a folder (thanks to Thomas Mevel @mevtho)
  • Added a folder hierarchy saving in the output folder (thanks to Thomas Mevel @mevtho)
  • (temporary) fix for fail-start in GIMP 2.6 for Windows
  • Fixed wrong limits interpretation in "Other GIMP procedure" window (issue #31)
  • Fixed crash when converting image files without extension into another format (partially fixes #28)
  • Fixed crash when adding input folders that contain files with special chars
  • Updated French and Italian translations
  • Better Makefile for Linux (thanks to @ivoanjo)
  • Some code optimizations


  • (finally) Added "Save set" and "Load set" features (issue #10)
  • Possibility to set a custom aspect ratio under "Crop"
  • Better floating point limits for GtkSpinButtons in "Other GIMP procedure..." (issue #27)
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Little code optimizations


  • Portuguese and German translations (thanks to Pedro Cunha and Vito Zaccaria)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to Robert Brizard)
  • Fixed regression that caused BIMP to fail start on GIMP 2.6


  • Multilanguage support (available languages: English, Italian, French) (issue #6)
  • Added Manipulation Preview window (issue #16)
  • Limits for GTK Spin Buttons in "Other GIMP procedure..." are now well interpreted (this also fixes issue #22)
  • Workaround for a bug that affects MacOS X users when selecting images (issue #23)
  • Support XCF as input format (issue #19)
  • Few graphical fixes around


  • Added "Add folders" button for adding entire folders content in the input list


  • Added STOP button to abort the batch process
  • List of options and modes in "Other GIMP procedure..." are now represented by a GtkComboBox
  • Code and speed optimizations on "Other GIMP procedure..." dialog
  • Added "Yes, don't ask again" option in "Overwrite?" dialog
  • Various little fixes around
  • BIMP now depends on the presence of pcre library ( -- Linux/Mac users: just install libpcre3-dev (or equivalent) -- Windows users: make sure you copy pcre3.dll library in the same directory of bimp.exe!


  • Rewritten the "Other GIMP procedure..." dialog and made some stability fixes
  • More format customizations in "Change Format and Quality"
  • Fixed a bug that didn't permit to save images in TGA format
  • Few graphical fixes around


  • Fixed a regression that causes RENAME procedure to crash.


  • Added "Change Resolution" in Resize manipulation
  • Replaced "Sharpen" with "Sharp or blur"
  • More customizations in the "Change Format" dialog
  • In "Other GIMP procedure" dialog, 'toggle' values are now represented by a GtkToggleButton
  • Code and memory allocation optimizations


  • Fixed "Other GIMP procedure" dialog crashes under Win32
  • Improved "Other GIMP procedure" dialog funcionalities (support to Font and Opacity params)
  • Nicer "Add Watermark" gui
  • Added files preview box
  • Added some documentation comments in source code
  • Few graphical fixes around


  • It all started from here...
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