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Great plugin really handy to automatize .

I would like ,when creating bimp command a new option, to allow to run one (or more but seldom would be need for more then 1) of the chained element in interactive mode .

Let me explain better with a practical example of usage :
suppose i have a series of photos to scale down, denoise ,and frame

so the command will include
gmic> anisotropic Smoothing
gmic> frame

if i may call Gmic>Frame with user defined values but in interactive mode i may define a frame with good for all the images in the batch , but be able to change 1 of the Gmic-Frame filter , the text of the TITLE
..no quickly as in a full automatic process but much quicker then manually

just a random example, but i hope useful to clear.what i intend

again when i wrote about call in interactive mode i intend with the user values to be indicate in the BIMP command , not with the filter default ;
the utility of the interactive mode to allow to fine tune or modify a single value
(as , in my example the titles of a series of artwork,to frame )

Do you think possible in a future version a similar feature ?

PS english is not my native language and your name look as a Italian name .
se non sono stato chiaro posso riprovarci in italiano.


Caro PhotoComix,

credo di aver capito ma per essere sicuri spiega pure in italiano, magari con una mail privata a alessandrofrancesconi@live.it ;)

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