How to compile BIMP for self compiled gimp without install libgimp2.0-dev and libpcre3-dev packages? #54

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Dear developer:
I use gimp that compiled from gimp source, but not from Debian package repository.
And I install the gimp to $HOME/bin.
Do you know how to compile BIMP for my gimp without install libgimp2.0-dev and libpcre3-dev packages?
Thank you!


Dear Ale:
I don't want to use gimp 2.8, so I compiled gimp 2.6.12.
BIMP needs libgimp2.0-dev to compile and run, but Debian testing repository now provides it for gimp 2.8 only.
If I install libgimp2.0-dev(version 2.8) from Debian testing repository and compile BIMP, the BIMP will not be run under gimp 2.6.12.
This is one of my problem, so I want compile and use BIMP without libgimp2.0-dev.

Best Regards


It's not possible to compile BIMP without libgimp2.0-dev installed. However, you can get libgimp2.0-dev version 2.6.x from the stable branch of Debian:

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