JDiffbot is a client API for http://www.diffbot.com/ services. This project designed by current api docs: http://www.diffbot.com/our-apis/
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JDiffbot Build Status

Stable version: 1.1.1

What is it?

A Diffbot client for Java.

How to use it?

  1. Maven Repository

Add the following repository


Declare the dependency

  1. Usage
     DiffbotAPI api = new DiffbotAPI("<your token>");
     Article article = api.article()

    Or with all options:

     Article article = api.article()
  2. Build
     mvn package -Dtoken=<your token>                                                    

How to contribute

Reporting a Bug / Requesting a Feature

To report an issue or request a new feature you just have to open an issue in the repository issue tracker (https://github.com/alessandroleite/jdiffbot/issues).

Contributing some code

To contribute, follow these steps:

  1. Fork this project
  2. Add the progress label to the issue you want to solve (add a comments to say that you work on it)
  3. Create a topic branch for this issue
  4. When you have finish your work, open a pull request (use the issue title for the pull request title)


The project is licensed under the MIT license. See License.txt for details.

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