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Create customized user profiles and easily add custom user registration, login and password recovery forms to your WordPress website. WP User Manager is the best solution to manage your users.
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=== WP User Manager ===
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
Contributors: alessandro.tesoro
Tags: avatar, avatar upload, author, author profile, community, front-end login, front-end registration, gravatar, custom avatar, login, login page, registration, registration page, admin bar, hide admin bar, custom field registration, custom redirects, custom registration, custom registration form, custom registration page, custom user profile, customize profile, customize registration email, edit profile, front-end user listing, front-end user registration, login redirect, login widget, member directory, minimum password length, minimum password strength, member profile, members profiles, member, member directory, members, profile, profile builder, profiles, registration, restrict content, content restriction, content protection, restrict, sign in, sign up, social login, user, user profile, user profiles, user roles, user-fields, users, captcha, login captcha, registration captcha, frontend registration captcha, frontend login catpcha
Requires at least: 4.1
Tested up to: 4.6.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Stable tag: 1.4.3

WP User Manager is the best solution to manage your users and create front-end profiles for your members.

== Description ==

= WP User Manager =

Managing your members, creating front-end profiles and custom login and registration pages should be easy. With this plugin, it finally is.

[WP User Manager]( lets you create highly customizable user profiles. You easily add custom user registration, login and password recovery forms to your WordPress website. [WP User Manager]( is the best solution to manage your users.

[website]( | [addons]( | [documentation]( | [support](

= Smart & Effective =
[WP User Manager]( is a simple-to-use solution to manage your WordPress community and create beautiful user profiles. Powerful and flexible, yet easy to setup and use, WPUM takes care of all your users needs and saves you time.

= Features included =

- [Frontend Forms](
- [Custom Email Notifications](
- [Custom avatars](
- [Elegant user profiles](
- [Shortcodes editor](
- [Beautiful user directories](
- [Seo URLs](
- [Content restriction](
- [Passwords management](
- [Custom fields editor](
- [Custom widgets](
- [Custom redirects](
- [Powerful tools](
- [Developers friendly](
- [Extensive documentation](
- Translation Ready

Read more about our features on [](

= Free Extensions =

- [Google reCAPTCHA]( Stop spam registrations on your website for free.
- [Username Length]( Set minimum and maximum characters length for usernames.

= Paid Extensions =

- [Custom Fields]( Add custom fields to user profiles and registration form.
- [User Verification]( Send a verification link via email upon registration or manually approve users before they can login.
- [MailChimp]( Sync users with MailChimp upon registration & more.

[View all extensions](

= Languages =

- English
- Russian (thanks to Ctajleh)
- French (thanks to Doxtra)
- German (thanks to Tobias)
- Simplified Chinese ( thanks to Changmeng )
- Dutch ( thanks to Patrick )
- Portuguese ( thanks to Fernando )

= Support =

Support is provided only through our [support forum]( Join our [support forum]( to ask questions and get help regarding WP User Manager. Free support is provided exclusively for bugs and help using the plugin. Please read the support policy [](

Before opening a [support topic]( please read the [faqs]( and [documentation](

== Installation ==

Please read our detailed documentation here [](

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Where can I find the documentation =

Here [](

= FAQ & Tutorials =

= General questions =

== Screenshots ==

View all the screenshots here [](

== Changelog ==

= 1.4.3 =
- Feature: uploaded pdf files are now downloadable through the user's profile.

= 1.4.2 =

- Fix: registration email not sending at the correct time when random password generated.
- Fix: hide datepicker field - was not meant to be there right now

= 1.4.1 =

- Fix: registration date in directory not translatable
- Fix: can't update profile when avatar field is required and image already uploaded
- Fix: {recovery_url} Generates Non-clickable Email Hyperlink on Yahoo and Hotmail
- Fix: directory doesn't respect the role filter if you search by first/last name

= 1.4.0 =

- Added: Control visibility of menu items by user status and/or role.
- Added: Ability to send test email.
- Added: Post author url will now redirect to wpum user profile.
- Fixed: User profile page document title, did not display site name.
- Tweak: "View Profile" link in backend will now open in a new window.

= 1.3.1 =

- fixed: template loader failed to retrieve email templates when customized.
- fixed: multiple duplicate results when searching for users within a directory.

= 1.3.0 =

Checkout an overview of the new features here [](

- added: single profile page document title will now include the user's display name.
- added: password field will now show a "show password" checkbox.
- added: login link shortcode is now hidden when user's logged in.
- added: settings import and export will now include email settings.
- added: role field will now automatically set WP's default role as default option into registration form.
- added: login link in restriction shortcode message will now redirect to previously visited page.
- added: some fields can now be set as read-only.
- added: some fields can now be removed from the account editing page and set as available to admins only.
- added: user directory can now search for first name and last name.
- added: developers can now change the order of the tabs within the account page.
- fixed: deprecated notice into a template file.
- fixed: file upload functionality ignored max file size setting from custom fields addon.
- fixed: checkbox field into backend user's editing page not showing saved options when updated from frontend.
- removed: fields restore option no longer needed.
- removed: referral login redirect option - caused too much confusion.

= 1.2.10 =

- fixed: registration email not sending when auto login + redirect was enabled.

= 1.2.9 =

- tweak: registration email is sent after successful registration hook ( for developers ).
- fixed: password strength validation missing on password reset form.
- fixed: undefined variable within psw reset form.
- fixed: unable to register when using the nickname permalink structure.
- addded: pt_pt language.

= 1.2.8 =

- fixed: Nickname field displays improperly formatted nickname.
- fixed: emails are erased and re-created if plugin is disabled and activated again.
- fixed: minor css enhancements to the fields editor.
- fixed: profile won't load if username has spaces.
- fixed: directory pagination not correctly offsetting when adjusting results per page.
- fixed: directory searches only for currently paginated results if results per page were manually adjusted.
- fixed: registration form would try to send an email when someone tries to register with an existing username.

= 1.2.7 =

- fixed: tool to fix missing fields from previous bug, did not actually fix fields.

= 1.2.6 =

- **Added**: tool to manually fix broken fields from previous bug.
- **Added**: pt_BR translation.
- fixed: slashes - escaping in fields names and descriptions.
- fixed: slashes - escaping in field groups names and descriptions.
- fixed: password reset shortcode expects parameters.

= 1.2.5 =

- **Updated**: German translation (thanks to Tobias)

= 1.2.4 =
- **Added**: License updater handler for addons.
- **Added**: Dutch language support thanks to Patrick

= 1.2.3 =

- **Fixed**: issue with default required fields setting themselves as non required when saving the field settings.

To fix the issue please press the upgrade button into the WP dashboard upon updating the plugin.c

= 1.2.0 =

Checkout an overview of all the new features here [](

- **Added**: you can now import and export the plugin's settings from a site to another.
- **Added**: basic search form functionality into user directories.
- **Added**: developers now have access to a whole new user fields query class similar to WP_Query.
- **Added**: option to always force redirect after login and remove referral page redirect.
- **Added**: password recovery link to wpum dynamic menu items in menu manager.
- **Added**: you can now choose to hide/show fields into the user profile when editing a field.
- **Added**: first name and last name fields can now display full name too into user profile page.
- **Added**: profile page now displays fields group title and description.
- **Added**: several new functions, filters and actions for developers for advanced customizations.
- **Added**: language file updated with new strings.
- **Added**: compatibility for custom fields addon.

- Tweaked: removed admin redirect after plugin update.
- Tweaked: removed unused options from options panel.
- Tweaked: several improvements to fields classes and output.
- Tweaked: user directory will display it's layout even when no users have been found.
- Tweaked: several improvements to fields html output into forms.
- Tweaked: restructured files upload functionality
- Tweaked: fields in profile page have custom classes.
- Tweaked: minor adjustments to profile layout.
- Tweaked: admin role can now be selected for directories.
- Tweaked: minor adjustments to fields list in user profile.
- Tweaked: deleting a group will now also delete it's fields.
- Tweaked: adjustments to fields validation in forms.
- Tweaked: minor ux adjustments to the fields editor.

- Fixed: display correct field type within fields table.
- Fixed: Registration redirect not working when automatic login selected.
- Fixed: typo into already logged in message.

= 1.1.0 =

Checkout an overview of all the new features here [](

- **Added**: Users Overview admin dashboard widget
- **Added**: Improved WordPress menu manager with logged-in and logged-out user specific links
- **Added**: Login link shortcode
- **Added**: Visually highlight required fields
- **Added**: "View Profile" link into admin users table
- **Added**: Login form can now redirect to previously visited page
- **Added**: Login form can now redirect to another page via url query string redirect_to
- **Added**: You can now redirect users to a new page after successful Registration
- **Added**: Password meter to password recovery form
- **Added**: You can now upload a custom logo above html emails
- **Added**: You can now redirect users to another page when they try to reset their password through the wp-login.php form
- **Added**: Password strength meter will now show different colors based on password strength
- **Added**: Simplified Chinese translation
- Tweaked: adjusted widget field description alignment into admin panel
- Tweaked: text spacing in plaintext emails
- Tweaked: simplified description of options into plugin settings panel
- Tweaked: removed duplicated code
- Fixed: users unable to view their own profile pages when members not allowed to view other users profiles

- Developers: introduced wpum_new_user_notification function to send registration email
- Developers: introduced wpum_get_core_page_url filter
- Developers: introduced wpum_login_redirect_url filters
- Developers: added wpum_dashboard_widget_top and wpum_dashboard_widget_bottom actions
- Developers: introduced wpum_registration_redirect_url function

= 1.0.5 =
- added: German language support. Thanks to Tobias
- fixed: users unable to login under certain conditions
- fixed: users unable to update their profile when using nickname permalink structure
- fixed: wrong email being sent to the user if it was created manually via the admin panel
- tweak: wpum_get_login_redirect_url() now uses wp_login_form() redirect parameter by default

= 1.0.4 =
- fixed: restrict file types that can be upload as avatar only to images
- fixed: creation of additional folder on server when uploading avatars

= 1.0.3 =
- added: French language support. Thanks to Doxtra
- fixed: wrong nonce name for emails restore
- fixed: removed nonce validation from login form, this was a leftover from the plugin's beta
- fixed: removed unused code in ajax handler Class
- fixed: login via email and username or email not working
- fixed: remove query string after login when redirecting to same page
- fixed: malformed query string when using captcha + wrong login details
- fixed: random password generation registration broken in wp4.3
- updated: language files

= 1.0.2 =
- Added: added: better way to find and select pages within the admin panel
- Added: allow developers to override the default css file by placing it into the theme
- Fixed: custom template for directory not working
- fixed: custom template loading for profile card shortcode
- fixed: success message still displaying if an error occures when updating the account details - resulting in both success and error message showing up
- fixed: fields not correctly ordered upon installation

= 1.0.1 =
- Added: Russian language file support. Thanks to Ctajleh
- Adjusted: use WP core function when a user deletes the avatar
- Adjusted: redirect to welcome screen only for major updates
- Fixed: show correct success message upon registration when random password is generated
- Fixed: install tables, fields and groups only if first install
- Fixed: emails editor not saving emails correctly

= 1.0.0 =
 Just released ;)