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GCODE postprocessor from MakerCAM to FABtotum (FABlin)
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GCODE postprocessor from MakerCAM to FABtotum (FABlin)

Based on imarin flatcam2fabtotum ( post processor, is a CAM gcode post processor from Makercam generated gcode to FABlin (Marlin based) CNC firware.

How to find them

How to use

This is a bash shell script, so it is intended to be used in Linux/Unix or in any other bash compatible environment

It is used like this:

./ filename.gcode 12000

the first parameter is the gcode file to convert. the second parameter is the RPMSs (rotation speed) of the spindle.

This will result in a new file named:


being created. This file is now FABtotum compatible.

Video tutorial: run bash on Windows

Via Git Desktop bash, you are able to run makercam2fabtotum script

FABtotum #13: videotutorial GCODE postprocessor, run bash under windows (makercam2fabtotum)


2015_09_21 - v.0.1b

in whole file

  • after the line that start with G0, add Fxxx (for example F10000) in order to speedup movement in rapids in the head of file
  • replace G21 G90 G40 with G90
  • delete T0 M6 row
  • delete G17 row

in the tail of file

  • delete M5 row
  • delete M30 row
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