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Play Delegate Fun's games inside the ARK Desktop Wallet
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Delegate Fun Games Plugin for the ARK Desktop Wallet


Delegate Fun gives away ARK cryptocurrency every day to the winners of its games at This plugin allows you to play those games directly inside the ARK Desktop Wallet.


Make sure you have already installed the latest version of the ARK Desktop Wallet. Open it and click the Plugins menu icon (Plugins icon). Keep the wallet open and follow the specific instructions for your operating system in the relevant section below. Once the installation is complete, click Reload Plugins in the ARK Desktop Wallet.

If everything has gone to plan, you should see Delegate Fun Games in the list of plugins. Click the icon in the Actions column to enable it. You will be asked to confirm that you want to enable the plugin. Upon doing so, you're ready to play!


Right click here and choose to save the installer and then open the saved file to install the plugin.


Open the Terminal application. This can be found within the Utilities folder inside Applications in the Finder.

Copy and paste the following line and press Enter:

bash <(curl -s

You may close Terminal by holding and pressing Q when the installation is complete.


Make sure the unzip tool is installed along with at least one of either curl or wget. For Debian derivatives (including Ubuntu) you can install these with sudo apt-get install unzip curl wget although it is likely that these will already be installed.

If you have curl installed, run the following command from the terminal:

bash <(curl -s

If you do not have curl, or you prefer wget, run the following command instead:

bash <(wget -qO- -o /dev/null

Manual Installation

If the above installer fails, or if you prefer to manually install the plugin, clone this repository and move it inside .ark-desktop/plugins within your home directory and then follow the rest of the instructions above. For reference, the default directory paths are:

Windows: C:\Users\username\.ark-desktop\plugins

macOS: /Users/username/.ark-desktop/plugins

Linux: /home/username/.ark-desktop/plugins

Replace username in the above paths with your actual user name.


Once the plugin has been installed and enabled, click the Plugins Pages menu icon (Plugins Pages icon) and select Delegate Fun Games. Now you can choose which wallet address to play with and select one of the available games to play right inside the wallet. Have fun!



GPLv3 © alessiodf

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