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Play Minesweeper Flags on the ARK blockchain
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Minesweeper Flags for the ARK Desktop Wallet


Minesweeper Flags is a two-player variant of Minesweeper, where the objective is to discover 26 out of 51 mines before your opponent. This is a contrast to the normal rules of Minesweeper where you are meant to avoid the mines.

This plugin brings the Minesweeper Flags game to the ARK Desktop Wallet, where you can play against a real life opponent to win tokens on any supported ARK-powered network. The game host sets a wager which the opponent matches before the game begins, and the winner automatically receives 95% of the pot, with 5% kept back for the costs associated with running the backend of the game. So far, Minesweeper Flags is currently available for the ARK Public Network.

It is based on the old MSN Messenger game of the same name, and tries to emulate the style of that game as much as possible for nostalgic reasons. Each player takes it in turns to choose a square on the map, which triggers a macrotransaction with the coordinate of that square embedded in the smartbridge text. If that coordinate is a mine, the player earns a point and may make another move; otherwise, the number of mines in any of the immediately adjacent squares (top left, top, top right, left, right, bottom left and bottom right) is revealed and the turn passes to the opponent. An exception is when there are no mines in any of those adjacent squares, in which case more squares on the map are revealed automatically until it reaches adjacent mines. If a player is currently losing against their opponent, they may deploy a bomb which uncovers a 5x5 grid rather than a single square. This bomb can only be used once per player, per game.

A game host can also cancel their game at any time if no opponent has matched their wager. Once the wager has been matched, the game can no longer be cancelled. However, a player can resign a game during their turn if they wish to concede defeat. If an opponent does not make their move for 12 hours, the player can choose to claim victory to prevent the possibility of their tokens being locked up forever in an unfinished or abandoned game.


Use the Plugin Manager within the ARK Desktop Wallet to find and install the plugin. If you can't find it, search for Minesweeper Flags.

If everything has gone to plan, you should see Minesweeper Flags in the list of plugins. Click the icon and choose to enable the plugin. Upon doing so, you're ready to play!


Once the plugin has been installed and enabled, click the Plugins Pages menu icon (Plugins Pages icon) and select Minesweeper Flags.


GPLv3 © alessiodf

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