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Back-end for Cerberus app
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Cerberus Server

Web app to track my financial operations. Everyone should track incomes and outlays. The app tracks also debts and that's vital for freelancing.

This is the back-end part, there is also front-end "cerberus-client" using react. Backend is build on node.js - express and apollo - graphql. Data are stored in mongodb.

How to set up the enviroment

You will need mongoDB database (I used mlab) and create .env file with corresponding values. Check .env-sample to see what to put it there, just set the DB_URL and DB_NAME, no need to change other variables.


npm run develop

Starts the server in development mode, printing all traffic in console.

npm run sample

Feeds database with sample data. Check variables in file sampleDataGenerator.js to set how much sample data are to be created.

npm start

Starts the server.

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