A fan visual novel of Kyon: Big Damn Hero.
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This is a checklist of things that need to be done. Feel free to add or remove things from it as you see fit.
Although, the forum might be a better place to put it: www.soulriders.net/forum/index.php/board,345.0

Never scale a background without checking it's RGB color first. Indexed color backgrounds needs to be converted or they become jagged when scaling.

To fade, for example, a blushing character, do this:
    hide Kanae Hap1
    hide KABlush
    with dissolve
which makes blush and character to dissolve together, and not, for example:
    hide Kanae Hap1 with dissolve
    hide KABlush  
which causes the blushing to disappear in a bang after Kanae is gone.


First release is finished! Time to work on the second half of Chapter 5 and fix all the mistakes I (Zfish9) made on chapters 6-9 :D

Rebuild KyonRoomRightClosed.png, it got the aforementioned Jagging due to indexed colors.

The fight scene needs work too, it's very static and bland. Needs more animations. (absence of many sprites is secondary)

Segment the paragraphs in 7-8 more, using linebreaks. (to do from Watanabe's hidedout on.)
Sometimes they flow in an uninterrupted wall of text without any user interaction until the screen is full, right now, and that's not good.
Especially bad at the point when Ninja TsuruyaMaid is shown in chapter 7.

Search for "blush" in chapter 6. Haruhi should blush at one point, but her sprite doesn't do it.

A few BGMs in the 6th chapter are sorta off. On that note, use SeishuniiJanaiKatsu more when fang-tan is around. Maybe when they storm the photo ring.

Fix the blush in TsuruyaTemplate.png. It was cropped and damaged badly.

Design an awesome K:BDH logo.

Background images that are needed:

Character templates that need to be created/"borrowed" (in order of appearance):

Geneeral discussion on BGs:

Cuts, bruises, bandages, and other things that can be placed on characters like Blush can. (optional?)



How to use the code:

For starters, you need Ren'Py, the visual novel engine that's used. That's an
easy download and install; put it wherever. On your first run of Ren'Py, or
thereafter through the Options screen, it asks you to select a project
directory. Pick an empty directory somewhere, then put the directory containing
this file—probably 'KBDH-VN'—into that empty directory. After that, you should
be able to click 'Select Project' from the Ren'Py main menu and select

After selecting the project, you can launch it or edit it from the Ren'Py
menu. I personally use a separate editor, but Ren'Py comes with jEdit, which is
serviceable. The specifics of the Ren'Py language are available on their web
site. Regarding music and images...that's not my department. :P They'll fit in
the repository fine, but editing them is something that the people doing it will
know better than me.

Good luck, all.