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This software is no longer maintained by me. As far as I'm aware there's no fork where development is being continued actively. Sorry!


A frontend monitoring board for Zabbix server.

This is a GUI dashboard for Zabbix hosts. It will list the hostname, OS, Load ÷ CPU cores, number of processes, memory usage, ping, traffic on the default interface, and disk usage.

Screenshots can be found on the original blog post.


  • Download and extract the files on your Zabbix server, somewhere web-accessible. It is possible to host this dashboard on an external server, but some work is required to do so. This will be outlined in the wiki.

  • Edit index.html and change the line var zabbix = new $.zabbix ('', 'guest', ''); as follows:

    Change to the IP or DNS name of your Zabbix server (but leave the /zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php)

    Change guest and the empty string to the username and password (respectively) of a Zabbix user that the GUI will use to access the data. Ideally this should be a Zabbix user with Read-only access to the Host Groups you want to show. Don't use your own user! We make no effort to hide the password...

  • You may have to add an item for each of these keys to your host Templates:

    system.cpu.num - set as decimal

    system.cpu.load - set as float

    vm.memory.size[total] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[free] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[cached] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[inactive] - set as decimal

  • Open a web browser page to http://yourzabbixserver/zabbixweb-0.1-release/index.html

  • Enjoy!