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Can't you just use a mouse? #6

medden opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Would this work with a secondary mouse on the floor?
Everyone has one laying around.
Sorry for the silly questions and off topic suggestions.


Given that mouses are hardly designed to be operated by foot, I would imagine that you'd need to replace the mouse every few days or so :)


When I said use a mouse, I meant use the button switches from a mouse. Not put an actual mouse on the floor. That would slide around / get kicked too much.

Last night I dug out an old USB gamepad, and used AutoHotkey to map the buttons to Vim Insert mode when in PuTTy, and pagedown in other apps. Works 100% Going to attach it to/in a strong lever arch folder to make the pedal this weekend.

No reason someone couldn't do similar with a secondary mouse.

Cost = Zero | Result = Same | Fail = Really?

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